Carnival/ Large scale catering

Hosting a large party or event can be quite daunting. This is why at Avila, our focus is to remove the stress from you and handle your catering with ease giving you and your guest the utmost culinary experience. Our extensive range of grills and accompaniments delivers on just this promise and more.

Landmark events

We all look forward to a time we celebrate that landmark birthdays and very special occasions. We have just the right grills solutions to make the day memorable. Let us handle the cravings of your guests and witness the wonders of the wonderful taste Avila brings.

Garden party

From garden parties to barbeque parties , trust Avila to give you maximum satisfaction when it comes to catering for your guests, let's help you create lasing memories


We aim to offer you a one stop solution when it comes to party planning and execution. Our wide selections of state of the art grills equipment and crockery means you won’t need to have to source these elsewhere. These can be hired at a considerable price.

Ready To Grill Services

Are you having a BBQ and Grills party, you can take advantage of our extensive range of marinated Suya, Lamb, Poultry and Fish products. Let Avila do the heavy lifting so you and your guests can have a more enjoyable and less tiring time together. Our products are marinated in rich African spices and you have a selection of hot or mild flavours. The products are available for pickup or delivery anywhere in the UK.

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